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Channelled Message About Healing

George Burridge

Duchy Healers AGM 3rd March 2019

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to be with you.

My name is I Am who I Am, I am all energy and I speak to you from a great distance through our instrument.

You have asked about the subject of healing, which is of great concern to all of you. It is of great concern to everybody on this side of life as well. Like yourselves, our healing guides will come to you. Each and every one also have training to go through, however our training is totally different to what your medical people use on the Earth plane. But there is no reason one day when you, people like you on the earth plane will be able to use this energy and vibration and know the correct vibration ray to use for every disease you can think of.

You will know a persons aura, you will sees it colour, you will see its darkness, you will see shadows within the aura and be able to read it. Yes read it! Read the energy pattern of each individual being. It is separate, each one of you is different, all the parts of your body has its own vibration rate or range of frequencies in which it works.

Just imagine for a moment you have somebody who is sick by your side and you can read their body without any instruments, just the power of the mind. You read it and you see that this organ, or that organ is not working correctly, that it is below its correct rate of vibration. Therefore you can act with your source of energy from the universe, the centre of all life, and you transmit that energy to the person. You may use crystals, you may use anything you like as a concentration point and beam that energy through the persons aura to the sections that need it, something like psychic surgery, and you bring that part up to its correct rate of vibration and the person is cured. But we don't claim to cure as you know! We attend, we ease the pain and we intend to alleviate the problems that are caused within the human body.

At one time your human body could rejuvenate different parts. Yes, that was before it was interfered with by civilisations in the past who meddled with the physical being and caused problems. And it is those problems that are still being caused today, and we are trying to give the energies to counter them.

Some people ask, 'What is the most important thing a healing channel can learn?' Sincerity, love and a willingness to help others. That is one main part, and as you progress along your pathway of healing and helping people you will progress on your eternal pathway, and on that progression as you advance, so will the strength of the energies coming to you become stronger. They will never be given to you too strong to be used.

So, you have someone there who is poorly and you want to help them, you connect with us and the correct spirit guide who works with you, will come through to you, as you well know, and you will pass that energy. Your faith in what you are receiving and what you are transmitting and the outlook of the person you are treating is all important. They come together, as you put the rays in, they mesh with the rays within the physical. The etheric first and then into the physical. They mesh together and as that meshing of energies brings about relief of pain and there is nothing that you really cannot do. You have heard of the miracles of the Christed One, there is nothing to stop you learning and rising to the level where you can do that type of work.

It is a good thing for you to know each other, to work together at times and come together and build up that energy pattern.

Just imagine, now I am addressing the ladies, your bodies will change, the vibration rates of your bodies will change. The production system in its final stages will become easier. The pain will be removed, not for a while, it takes a while to come to the physical first, it is being done, slowly being done ...38.01.. to assist

The same with your hands on healing, the energies are getting stronger for each and everyone of you. Healing is simple, it comes from us to you and to the patient, irrespective of race, colour, class or creed, it does not come into it. It doesn't matter what title it is given. Titles appeal to people, you were talking about one earlier on that has gestures and titles and symbols. Yes, symbols are important, symbols carry energies and symbols have meaning. There is a symbol here in this room at the moment, but if you ask, you cannot be told the full meaning of it, because it is not being given. But we will give you the symbols to use at the correct time. Thought gives out energy and energy brings healing.

You go out for a walk in the woods and you feel better, you feel rejuvenated. Why? Because the plants around you are passing the same healing energies as you can. It comes from us down into Mother Earth through subtle crystalline energies that goes into the plants and comes out and is fed to the human race. Yourselves, you receive healing from the sunlight, from everything around helps you, and because of your open mind towards the rays of healing you are going to become stronger. Yes, you wonder how can I handle it? It can be at the correct level for you personally, each and everyone of you are a different level, with a different rate of vibrations, so your healing energies match that rate of vibration. There is no way that we want to burn you out, we want you working. And using that point of sincerity to help others, how important that is for what you want to do from now on.

Just think that you are a senior surgeon working with the rays that we give you. Helping all of humanity around you, and not only that, you help the animals. Remember animals receive and they also give healing. They can go out and pick up energies from the grasses around them and know which one has come in and give it to you!

You as a healer can also heal the animals in the same way, which you do and we appreciate all the work that you do. Never belittle yourselves and never think it is unimportant to think about what you are doing, the way in which you do it and the sincerity that you have, and that faith you have in this side of life to supply you with the energies that you require.

You say to yourselves, 'Oh yes, but there are hundreds of different diseases.' Yes, but we know which ray, which colour and which item will assist you to help someone troubled with those diseases. That is how you can touch

You think 'Oh, I've got Mr Brown working with me, or I've got Mr Stark working with me'. You have got a group of healers around each one of you, there are also groups ready to respond in an instant. You put in your request to help. We will say it is this person here, you put your thoughts out, you ask for healing for them. We immediately read that person, we see that person, we see all the energy fields and what is wrong and what needs putting right and thereby we give you the correct energies for that person. That is why there is nobody that you cannot assist with your thoughts and your energies of healing.

Remember, the power of thought is most important. It is one of the strongest energies you have and you can do nothing without thought. Just thinking about healing and passing it to somebody, and the connection is made like that, like a flash. The speed of thought and the connection is made and the necessary energies are given to you. So please, never doubt yourselves or your own capabilities. Sometimes you think, 'Oh yes, I've got to go and have an operation.' Put out your thoughts to us and ask for assistance, sometimes the operation becomes unnecessary. That has been proven many times. So please, take my love and my thoughts and thank you for listening to me.

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