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4th Nov 2019


Notification Received from the British Alliance of Healing Associations

Dated 4th November 2019


In order to gain accreditation from UK Government, the NHS and the General Medical Council the high standards of BAHA are reviewed and updated regularly.


BAHA Members aim to work towards the basic healer guidelines of:

  • Care

  • Compassion

  • Competence

  • Communication

  • Courage

  • Commitment


All healing organisations within the UK are encouraged to adopt self regulation of their healing practices in the same way that BAHA has in the terms of our Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure. This includes having a high standard of training which includes a minimum of two years training with 200 hours of practical training and 40 hours of theory work with an approved assessment procedure/examination at the end of it.


On completion of training and in order to stay in line with other professional organisations, we are now expected to undertake BAHA's Continuous Programme of Development (CPD) which involves 15 hours of study in total per year relating to the requirements to safely practise spiritual healing, this includes the following:


  1. The General Data Protection Regulations Act 2018 and BAHA Standards

  2. Code of Conduct and Articles of Constitution

  3. Plus 8 hours of study per year relating to other complementary therapies, which will involve written proof of attendance of NHS or complementary therapy workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures and revision work at libraries, over the internet or general study.


It is also our own responsibility to make sure that we are fully up to date with the following:


  • Healing and the Law, including any relevant legislation

  • BAHA Code of Conduct

  • BAHA Articles of Constitution

  • Any medical requirements including veterinary requirements

  • The General Data Protection Regulations Act 2016-2018


You may find that you are doing many hours of CPD already but not recording it. CPD is not a chore, it simply encourages you to build on your existing skills and maintain or update your knowledge base. CPD is self regulating, however it is open to audit/random sampling upon request of the chair or other officers of Duchy Healers.


Healers who do not work with the public (i.e. friends and family only) will not be required to do CPD.


A full 15 page document from BAHA can be downloaded via this page or emailed to members on request. There is also a downloadable word document template for a form to record CPD training hours. Email Valerie for any further information or advice.

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