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Accredited and Regulated

by British Alliance of Healing Associations


Duchy Healers Association holds 2-year training courses, currently based near Launceston, Bodmin, Redruth or near Bath. 


If you are keen to learn more please contact us by email outlining why you feel drawn to be a Healer. You are always welcome to arrange a visit to see any of our tutors for a no-obligation chat.   After you have successfully completed your two-year training and passed a simple assessment, you may use the letters RMDHA (Registered Member of Duchy Healers) after your name to denote that you are a fully qualified healer.

Students always report back that the 2 years fly past and they love every minute of their training!   

WHY TWO YEARS? - A frequently asked question with many answers. First and foremost it ensures that we produce the most dedicated healers, ones who really have a passion for their vocation and wish to allow more time for personal spiritual and energetic growth. It presents more credibility to our clients and we believe it shows a greater level of professionalism. Once your training is done you will certainly continue learning! There is much to be said for that saying. "The more you learn, the less you know". Healing is a vast and fascinating subject!

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