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Message from BAHA regarding NHS Work

Sheila and David Holmes have been very busy, they are asking the British Alliance Members to help them to move forward, it is vitally important to promote our healer members and the healing movement within the UK Governments and the NHS / Health Care system, so we really need your help to carry it forward.

Can we ask once again for your kind cooperation by circulating these attachments to members so that we can have some idea of the numbers of volunteers that we could have who will be prepared to work within the NHS and Health Care system.


Please note - The 4th attachment would coincide  with attachment 3 (The letter to BAHA Member’s Re volunteers and contact details for the confidential register)

The 5th attachment would coincide with attachment 2, (The letter to local MP and the Healing Forum’s letter to the PM).


Thank you in advance for your kind help with this exciting promotion for the British Alliance of Healing Associations and it’s Member’s, as we hope to have everyone on board.


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