An Introduction to Bach Flower Essence Use for Personal Development and Personal Energy

A belated post to thank all those who attended the 'Meet-Up'at St Erme on October 13th and a huge thank you to Dr Andrew Tresidder for his informative presentation and talk.

30 members and friends heard all about Dr Tresidders methods of relieving our modern epidemic of stress with a combination of breathing, visualisation and simple acupressure. Followed by a short film and talk about Bach Flower Remedies. Dr Tresidder helped everyone to choose and make up a personal remedy to take home and provided lots of handouts as well as the opportunity to purchase, books and sets of Bach Remedies at bargain prices.

He is running a full-day workshop at North Hill, Cornwall, on 17th November which a few Duchy Healers have signed up to attend.

Our day ended with the usual tea/cake and raffle which helps to slightly offset the cost of the day which is provided free of charge to members.

Dr Andrew Tresidder, a Somerset GP for 25 years, has been a long term user and teacher of Bach Flower Remedies as tools for personal development. He is fascinated by what makes us tick and how to tick better - ideally without too much effort (but nothing comes without some input)

He is one of many doctors who believe that patient empowerment is the key to better health in the community. He also assists organisations to develop emotional health strategies to enhance corporate and individual wellbeing.

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